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Saturday, November 12, 2011


.:In the name of Allah, The Most Beneficent and The Most Merciful:.

do you know what is the name of the cuisine above...
haaa..let me tell you...
it called as tteokbokki (떡볶이) or spicy rice cake is one of the korean-mouth-watering...
if you are hard fan of korean dramas, movies, variety shows, and etc.. 
at least you can figure how it is..
and because I'm one of the kipas-susah-mati about korean..
me and my younger sister spirited to  make the tteokbokki..
we just learned the recipe from youtube here n here..
and the result as you see above...

what do you think about the taste?..
many of my friends said it look so delicious..
but the real taste of this...
I let you to figure yourself..


I don't know if we were lacking of any ingredients on it or what..
but for me and my sister..
it aleady became no-longer-food-most-wanted-anymore
if the real tteokbokki  is really taste like what we did...HA HA~..
we even add some cheese to make it suited for our tongue..
( and till now..I still can feel how was it taste~)


however, the bestest moment when my eldest brother called me inviting us for steamboat dinner somewhere at PC...
we are happy for that..
but the funny part I think after we reach at his house..
he talked about the tteokbokki that we made because I posted the great picture of the tteokbokki on FB..
and that is the reason why he feel want to treat us to steamboat 
(I think because he saw the chopstick)...haha..

after several weeks we did'nt go for dinner outside...
I really enjoy the steamboat..
we add on the meals until 3 times in a very so much seafoods on plates..

Oppa..gomawoooooo :DDDD 


a really happening dinner ever..
as always when we are together..

tteokbokki..hahahaha..very indescribable feeling when eat more in other time..hahahha

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