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Monday, March 26, 2012

a letter for my beloved facebook

.: In the name of Allah, The Most Gracious and Most Merciful:.

My dearest Facebook,
I am sure that you really know how much I love you
 from I started creating you on 17 September 2009 until now..
I am still faith in you..
you know right..
i didn't missed a second to log in in you but always forget to log you out..
even when i go somewhere travel..
i will bring you to stay with me..
I even buy sony ericson experia with android to let you close with me..
I never care what people talk about me behind because 
my love towards you increase as time goes..
you still with me when I sad or happy..

but facebook..
..from now..
never be sad if I no longer log in on you during my office time..
the management of the office already knows how tight our relationship is till they dare to separate us..
I don't want to be so mean to disobey this order..
they don't know how I am spirited to make sure my job done because I want to meet you immediately..
I'm so sad..
i'm so sad..

your owner, Ada.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

dedikasi untukmu Adam

.: Dengan Menyebut Nama Allah, Yang Maha Pemurah lagi Maha Mengasihani :.

Adam, kenalilah Hawa.
Jujur, aku tidak sepenuhnya mengerti.

"Hawa itu kadang keliru. 
Mahu terus membisu, bimbang disalahtafsir.
 Mahu berlaku jujur, terpalit segan.
 Mahu menutur kata, bimbang hati dicemari.
Hawa itu kadang cemburu.
 Melihat yang lain mendapat itu ini tika dirinya diketerbatasan mampu.
 Hawa itu kadang buntu. 
Mahu diceritakan, dia juga tidak tahu apa puncanya."

Itu kisah Hawa.
 Mungkin kisah itu tidak bisa menyentuh hati seorang Adam, 
tapi jika dia Hawa, jiwanya pasti meruntun sayu mendengarnya.
Aneh bukan? Ya, kerna Hawa itu sifatnya aneh.
Lalu, harus bagaimanakah?

Pasti, aku juga tidak punya jawapan untuk itu.

Hatinya sangat rapuh.
 Jiwanya sangat sensitif
Matanya mudah saja berkaca
Kata mereka itu tanda lemah. Tapi aku bilang itu fitrah.

Bukan mereka mahu mengundang simpati, tapi cukup untuk meluahkan rasa di hati. 
Jangan sesekali terjemahkan itu sebagai kekalahan. 
Tidak sama sekali! Itulah sebenarnya punca kekuatan dalam ketahanan mereka.

aku khabarkan bukan untuk minta engkau mengerti, kerana aku; Hawa, juga tidak pernah mengerti.
Cukuplah agar engkau tahu. 
Moga engkau tidak mudah mengusik hatinya.
 Hati yang punya sarat perasaan.
 Perasaan yang kadang menjerat dirinya dalam silap menterjemah erti di sebalik kata seorang Adam, dalam silap mentafsir maksud di sebalik tingkah seorang Adam.
 Supaya mereka tidak kepenatan berjuang seorangan jika engkau tak turut sama berjuang.

Harungilah sujudmu ketepian Redha-Nya. 
Kirimkanlah untaian kata indah lewat doamu. 
Moga Hawa itu terus kuat!

Aku pernah jadi perempuan.
Aku pernah jadi gadis.
Aku pernah jadi wanita.
Kini, biar aku jadi muslimah.

Ya Allah,
perkenankanlah doaku untuk mendapatkan yang halal sebagai penemanku di dunia dan akhirat..

Matta Fair

.: In The Name of Allah, Most Gracious and most Merciful:.

gelang tangan yang harga 3 hengget
Okeiii..I was going to PWTC yesterday for MATTA fair after finish keep tidy my room..actually it was planned by my colleagues to go there. Hmm..
what is MATTA fair is actually?..err..
me also not sure about the full name of this fair because this is my first time going there where it was held once a year..
but through my experience going there, MATTA fair is something fair that related to travel agency where they offer people travel package either local or international in lower price* related to terms and rules*~..
like PC fair, beauty fair and maybe fair n lovely~..haha..
me kidding only the fair and lovely part..HAHA~

so..i went together with my Lepaking Gangs, Nick-Dee-Mierul-Muiz-Qaja-Yen.
There are so crowded with much people until I need to hold my friends bag to not be lost anywhere..
 our mission going there just want to get more information trip to either Singapore or Bandung for out next trip..hoho..

To be in there was a very good experience though coz i just know there were so many travel agencies that offered different price for same we can chose which trip do you want either want to join luxury one or cikai2 want...To be in there just make me feel want to be a my lecturer, cik yat did someday..insyaAllah..:)

hope i can be backpacker in another 2 i just start working..
need to think intelligently where should i invest my salary for this time..I have PTPTN to handle..have to keep it for my future..
need to spent it for the things I love and so on..haha..
my salary is not high to spend ridiculously...

so..we decide to go singapore for our next trip..i hope it will be reality as i never go to singapore yet...hoho...yeeaaa..

us at matta fair..

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Holidays on hometown

.: In the name of Allah, The Most Glorious and Most Beneficent :.

I don't think it was too late to talk about my 2 days holiday on hometown yet ;)

nothing much I did on home as I arrived home at 6.30 am on morning..
my 3rd brother, abe din picked up me at kota bharu as promised. 
well, the feeling was so beautiful since it was 3 month I stayed at KL...
When I was at sabah, I always arrived Kelantan at evening and just because the airport is really close to my place..
so the feeling is not same..haha..
 this one more special coz I planned to spend some money to treat my family members later..hihi..

so, I was home and the one who celebrate my come-back-home is Bang-Ku, my dearest cat..
why dearest?..coz Bang-ku is the only kucing I accept to be in home after Mina/simba long2 time ago..
or in other word..i'm not really cat lover~..
 no slept but just online facebook after subuh prayer..=="

my bang-ku

so..everything passed just like always..
breakfast with family..keep tidy house area..
as we know, there is no word of excuse if you are home from doing house work..haha..
after that i was going to see my nieces and nephews..
until one part where i was helping my sister-in-law washing dishes..
we talked about how was i doing on kl..
and the climax was..
she shows me message from somebody (her friend) telling that she was finding his brothers a partner life..and asking if I have someone right now...
me inside feel so..err..
blessed? nervous?weird?..
actually feel so happy inside..
thought that i never be wanted by anybody before..
and the most happiest feeling when the message state my name..HAHA~
but until today I never know the boy that state on message but my sis told me he is from a good family's background and was studied on Maahad Muhammadi lelaki (Read: MJ) before..
don't ask me about his name, age and everything
coz i don't know..
until now..~~

and the story was hanging.. *krikkrikkrik* (bunyi cengkerik)

my evening day was continued by going canoeing with my family members at sungai Raja Gali ..
not far from my house area..that was so fun..
even though it was first time i canoeing..
on night we are going to KBMall for dinner..
as promised i treat my 3rd bro and family together with my sisters a mcD dinner bucket..
even though it was just a tiny dinner treat but to me it was something coz now I can effort use my own money..
it was good though..

On saturday..
it was not too much activity but i spent a lot of time downloading my favourite korean songs as i can't download it at KL bcoz of internet line was so awful..
at night i was ready to get my bus to go back KL..
and finish my 8 hours on the bus with tiredness but happy..:D  

some pic from canoeing activity..

my family members

waiting for turn ride the canoe

even children also play thiss..

my 5th sis and her husband and daughter

my 4th sis with her daughter

let's canoeing!

waiting for turn

my younger brother with nieces

tiresome week~


I LOVE weekends..
hope I have time for myself in these weekends..
yea..i'm busy with all work stuffs...
pity me in this week actually..
i have no enough rest for this week..this week really killing me..
why not..
with no enough sleep coz I was going back to hometown last weekends..
before that, I was fully involved with training classes for flash, css, javascript and dreamweaver for that week..
playing with fully heart at hometown as reward to myself before going back again to KL..
8 hours in express mutiara..
spend 2 hours talking with a pakcik on the bus about football to me =="..
me no talking to much just said yess..yess....
but the pakcik really talk-talk-talk made me not strong enough to say.."pakcik..sila berhenti cakap~~"..
just listened to him until I slept..
Arrived KL putra station at 6 am and after subuh prayer I ride trains from putra station to sentul timur and after that took teksi and arrived home!..
I was no mood to sleep back even I really was sleepy because  thought if I slept, I maybe late for work..
but that tiredness not bothering me enough, coz inside I felt happy coz everything was going as planned...
but the most thing make me sick was the guy who I-think-he-is-my-close-colleague  was touching with me just because a little mistake (according to him..but still I can't feel it was a mistake..em joking okeiii?).. 
and it was made my days really annoying!..

with no enough sleep, with so many tasks need to be done on time..
and with his attitudes..
I really feel ssssssoooo much!..
actually I was saying sorry to him on that time and correct the mischief that I had done to him before but..
he just ignore it!..
really..reallly...really ignore my apologize!
how childish!..
 I even send him a message but he did'nt reply me..
3 days we not talking..
not make any direct contact as usual even our workspaces are so close..

I never ever met this kind of guy on this world yet with super over hyper sensitive..he is first!..
but thinking of we just have only 3 month left, I feel so worse to just let this thing hanging.. 
thanks to keropok that I took from hometown for him as a bridge of our friendship..
if not..
 we maybe continue with our silence (don't want to talk to each other)..
so no point to be hopeless just like that..

so..hope we can be close like before..
but maybe in other time..
I will no disturb his stuff anymore~~~~
therefore, I will no tired and sick just because this kind of matter and most important 
I can sleep well..
that's is the point..HAHA..

Weekend..nice to see you this week :DDD

Sunday, March 4, 2012

carta hati


Actually..there is no one in my heart list for this moment..
but my ears can't run to not hear for this carta hati song by najwa latif..

then, I dedicate this song to my future-love-in-halal-way..
I don't know who are you either I had met you before, now or no yet meet..
but I will wait for that Allah's bless...
now, I will keep this heart only for you..I promise..

link within

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