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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Babbysitting a little Sufi

As I promised my sister  to babysit her daughter, Nik Aulia Sufiyya, I stayed on my sisters house for this weekend. She had a replacement class and his husband had an anual meeting. Actually, to fulfill this promise, I need to hold myself from going to my friend's wedding somewhere at Negeri Sembilan.. Sorry Farah for absent on your big day.. btw barakallah to your new life.. insyaAllah until jannah :)
Going back to Nik Aulia Sufiyya story.. she woke up at 8 am something just made my day started. Everything I did, she wanted to do until I felt give up to serve her anymore and let her played by herself.
When she realize that I don't play with her anymore, she will come to me with innocent face talking to me..ask me politely.. as a good macik.. i don't think I didn't melting to her adorable look.. and yea.. she seduce me under my control.. how come?
Honey star, her truly companion
I said, don't touch my crochet stuff..and she tried to obey me.. for a while
See.. she will try do play wih it if I ignore her for second
..... she want to make it too
It is not easy baby..
Hahaha..adorable sufi

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