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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

CROCHET TIME: Teaching Gan crochet glove ;)

.: Assalamualaikum :.

This is the story about Gan. My chinese friend, staying in the room  front of my door.  She just move to the room early semester .  We always meet up at toilet actually and from there we become close buddies..haha.. we also have lunch and dinner together.  we are 88 line (other students at my level are younger at least 2 or 3 years than us) therefore it easier to be closed actually.

She is taking master in something related with architecture (sorry I don't know what her course she enroled..kekeke) and will graduate in this year. jia you..jia you..

She knew I can crochet and one day  I offered her  to try crochet, she immediately excited and agreed want it (that time I show her my little red riding hood cape).

She request to make a hand glove to give as a birthday present to her friend who is studying at oversea.

 So, crochet  class is about to start.

Focus..focus.. I told her I took at least three days to understand crochet.. haha..

Actually this is my first time making full hand gloves too.. thank god because before this I had made similar thing which was fingerless glove. So, it was not really difficult to start even both fingerless glove and full hand glove starting point is different because I got see the pattern in my mind XD. 

 Here we go.. I just crochet the starting pattern and after that, Gan continued crochet after I show her how to do.

She crocheted with a neat stitches and for me she did fast.

 After test, try and error pattern, we done thiss... yippi.. for her and for me.. haha.. this was also my first full glove crochet too..haha..

p/s: took at least two days to finish the class.. that also because we got trouble which was the size of the right hand side and left hand side were not balance. I don't know why it happened until we felt give up, but suddenly I got know is because we were using different size of hook -.-"my mistake.. hohoho...

How do you think? it is nice right? hope her friend will like it. She make it with all of love.

We are close enough for spending time together..kekekeke

Even now we are not being neighboor because I already move to new room, she still coming to my room (me too sometimesgo to her room).. and chit chat too much..haha..

I asked her still interested which crochet??..

the answer is no..haha

it is hard?

oh no..

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