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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

CROCHET TIME: Lovely Crochet Class 3

.: Assalamualaikum:.

Hey guys.. Happy Malaysia Day.. I am wishing for better Malaysia for future generation :D


I am quite busy this period.. Master student of course! Besides, there are plenty of works waiting for me to finish as we grow up..  right?..

So.. my third class of crochet was happened last 2 weeks actually. It was happened on 31 August 2015 somewhere at Kota Bharu after came back from Brunei Study Trip... It was rushing but to think kak Zai (the one who invited me to teach crochet stuff to participants), I don't feel burdensome.  It was cooled!.. I received new students a lot.. Thanks to Nisa' Kelantan for organizing this event so I can improve my teaching skill and improve myself to be a good crocheter. Like Chan Yeol said, " I feel matured one level ;P "..

The event went well but sadly, the participants can't finish their product within time provided so, it made me feel little sad because last time participants can finish well..

There were maybe because of some factors.. the teacher was not enough skill? or too tired ? or not prepared well ?(yes, this part I blamed myself, I need to make well preparation. Or maybe the location was not really convenience for crochet activity or the number of participants quite a lot, so I can't personally teach them.. I should discuss with kak Zai about this thinggy next time.

However, as I said, the class went well, and the children did well just they can't finish the syllabus :)

 Like always, before start crochet activity, they must hear some theory of crochet stuff..ngee

 They paid attention I see.. good :D

 Dedicate me is dedicate.. teaching them from  zero..

 So.. it's time to crochet ..

 My precious student :D.. haha.. kak Wani was always attend to Lovely Crochet Class.. and she is now expert in crochet.. :D

 Watching them crochet..

Show them how amigurumi pattern is defferent from flower pattern..

So.. I hope they can practice alot.. yeah..

More pictures & how to joint the class? or everything you want to know about class.. please contact Nisa' Kelantan page

If you interested with the private class or searching for crochet tools, feel free to like my page, Atas Loteng 100% Handmade Crochet, or.. contact via wassap 013-4428320 or ig Atas Loteng Production.

Story about last classes Lovely Crochet 1, Lovely Crochet 2 ( Just notis I didn't make entry for second class..sorry..)

Anything regarding crochet stuff..

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