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Monday, December 12, 2011



just want to recommend to you a new movie made by Indonesian..

Trailer film "Hafalan Sholat Delisa"

Before this, I'm not interested with Indonesia's movies/drama/film but for this trailer..I'm moved :)
hope it is good as good as the trailer..
OK..need to say I'm NOT resist okey :)
I also love their songs...
but unable to love the singers..~

p/s : 
Hope next time Malaysia's producer also can produce a good movie just like this..
I know malaysian also can.
Hate when watching a so -called islamic drama or movie from local..
but there is no part of islamic value on it..
but so much porno..
and still said it is a family show..
wat de heck?~
better I watch upin and ipin la..~

p/s again:
 I think this film is much better than Ombak rindu..confirm..!!!

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