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Saturday, September 18, 2010

musim bunga harapanku~

.: Bismillahirahmanirahim:.
i'm back...
juz miss the time where i always jotting here..
and for those who missing me so much as a blogger [of coz]..i'm here..*hehe
erm..nothing much i want to talk since i got nothing to share...
hmm...actually so much thing happen since i left .:fromMyHeart;...

but i got no time to become active like always..
yup..i am so busy..
busy as final year student..

it is not easy to finish study anyway..

and i need so courage..
who can give me that..
talk about final year..
aahhh..sometimes i'm stress a lot..
fyp[final year project].. assignment.. midterm...

i should not sigh a lot actually coz everyone feel like this for sure...
i want to be happy..
happy as before...

am i not happy now??.. no..
i'm happy for sure..

but sometimes felt burden of works are coming nearer...
so..i must be ready for it rite...
ok..feel relax now...
thx for accompany me during i feel so stresss...^^..
[just like i only one who get stress rite...]
p/s: i really love super junior rite now..if u like too lets we share our interest here^^

it is not late for me to wish "happy eid mubarak"

i have learn an this from a friend
it is cute.. rite =)

lets live in happy mood everyone^^

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