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Friday, April 1, 2011

i still remain me..

.: Bismillahirahmanirahim:.

when the truth shows its answer..
then..I can't do nothing but must face it so well..
how it can change the stream?..just let time does it..
coz..I have no desire to think about it now..
but the thing is I already fall for you.. for a long time..
and it makes me hurt somewhere..
but it is not your fault..
coz I am the one who choose to get close with you..
although I cried like a crazy girl until tears dried..
I can't change the fact that you are the different one..
should I just go through with my feeling until some day you can take me to the oriented path?
or should I just stop playing game and come back to the reality??
It is easy to talk..but hard to do..
I can't lie myself to hide this thing..
You came to me at that time when I am all alone..
you looked at me as we were already know each other..
you saved me from fell down..
we reached the summit together..
and all I remembered as it just happen right now in front of me..
in these years,
I never care about other guys..but to you,I melt most..
I should know at the first that I must avoid you..and I really know it..
and I tried and already failed to not thinking about you..
and I guess you must be someone that special one..
but now, I don't dare to give much we 're very different..
let time decides the destiny of me..
if you re not for me..
it's wonderful to meet you as the prince of my heart..

my feeling towards you is not fake,

AdaAbdullah..2.35 AM

" Jodoh itu rahsia Allah, Syuhada.."

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