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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Neo gateun saram tto eopseo~

.: In The Name Of Allah
The Most Glorious and The Most Merciful:.
can i dedicate all love songs to you..
as the symbol that i adore you that much???
craziness has came to me again..
make me write this only for you..
although you never realize how much you meant to me..
and i don't care how many people read this..
how many people will talk this behind..
the only thing i know that i start missing you again..
weird haa to hear that i feel in this way towards you..
for is natural..coz i'm human too..

so, the day that i afraid to face on is already coming..
right now..
when i can't see you anymore..
you and me already far apart..
without knowing the truth of the both feeling..
am i stupid not to tell you about this before??
thinking of that..i wonder so..
i realize that we both are from different world..
so.. i simply say that we can't be together..
if missing you was a wonderful suffer..
then i choose to be suffered...

i'm quite sure that you know nothing about me..
and i maybe never exist in your thought..
but you are the one who always puzzled in mind..
starting wake up from sleeping and losing in my dream..
it's sound crazy right..??

but to tell the truth..
you make me alive..once again in uni world..
because of you, i'm spirited to attend the class..(although u always late or absent~)
i'm inspired to do well in everything (but sometimes i careless in doing something~)
do something because want to attract your attention with my attitude..
sound funny haa??

i don't wanna say good bye yet..
till this feeling always with me..
i will keep our moments in my mind..
Are you surprise if you know the one that i mention here is you??
then..let this be a biggest surprise for you..

i don't wanna cry..
i don't wanna be a loser..
yet i don't wanna be someone that sick because of love..
i wanna stay in pure love..
one day..if you have it..and wanna give to me..
don't hesitate to tell me..
coz i'm waiting for you..

p/s: i wanna put oppa pic..but since you are not Lee Dong Hae..i can't ;P..
let me find your pic in my lappy first..~


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