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Sunday, October 2, 2011

this is art..haha ;D

.:In the name of Allah
Most Beneficent and Most Merciful:.

hehe..almost 2 weeks I haven't visit this blog..huhu
very busy now..
until have no time to blogging..
a month I was trying hard to create a customer order system to my company using access..
huhu..and just now I know how to play with access exectly..
I never use it proud to be me..haha XD..
time flies fast but can't help me from do nothing....
I got some time to do crocheting..
and I think I love it more than eating or sleeping..
really enjoy make something that I never think I can do it..
enjoy the pics ;D

1st amigurumi bear-bear..I took 2 days to finish this after trying hard..
tadda..the result was sooooo nice..shhh..He is sleeping right now..

this is my cute..isn't he?..but his cap is cuter..actually I made it for my 6 month niece..but since I realize it not suit to my gave it to my 6 years old boy!

my 2nd amigurumi bear-bear is better..Madiha (11 years-old niece) begging me to make her one..even bought the yarn to me..then..I made one for her until another nieces felt jealous somehow..oh nooooo!!
1st smiley ball key-chain I ever made..yellow..yeah..I don't think I am so kind to give it to anyone since it's my favourite make it as a gift for experia x10..;D
  As it just need less than 2 hours to finish it, I keep crocheting and done another smiley ball key-chain..I forget that blue is my 13th sister fav colour, so..she took it!

smiley ball again..this I made for my youngest sister..the smiley face on the ball actually K.I.M in hangul (korean word)..;)

kawayieeeee :D

flowers :D

front n back

can make it as pencil case accessories

or put it at your beg...

but me n sisters..we always make it as brooch..can you see it..all of us wear it during hari raya ;D

just make ur self beautiful...with the flower :P..haha

"The happiest people don't have the best of everything, but they just make the best of everything"-unknown

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