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Saturday, May 12, 2012

new broadband- P1


i'm backkkkk ;DDD after several weeks...hihi..
don't blame..
so miss jotting here..
i just out of internet connection nowadays..
too much things i want to share..
but unfortunately, i can't..
because i was sicked waiting for miracle happens..
so, last week, i go to Law yat and bought a broadband..
because of that..
now, I can start back writing here..:DDDD for this entry..
i just want to show off bout my new broadband..haha..
 just listen guys..hehe

this is it..
P1 broadband with cute body..
super wiggy uh 235
what interesting bout this broadband is it covered for 4G coverage..
so may the frequency is not overlaps with 3G signal..
the best thing bout this when you download a file, the speed is uncapped means no limit, which is if your place under great 4G coverage, you can download file under minutes..
so don't worry about it..;D
but the worse part of course it get usage quota which is just only 6 gb.. 
but it still better than celcom broadband n the rest broadbands where offered 5gb only..
and the worse part again, of course this broadband has contract, but it is only for 6 month..
the monthly fee i think not so expensive for me as i'm working..
i will use this for 6 months and if i satisfied with this broadband, i will continue using it..
but if not.. 
his fate will be the same as celcom broadband before *smirk..hihi..
em a user is all up to me..if they offer better than this, i will change..hehe..

so my P1 broadband, do behave well..

my lovely blog,
 i miss you, 
and we will no more in along relationship anymore..

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