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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Dreamweaver, I heart you!


Alhamdulillah, all praises to Allah
The Creator of this universe..
I'm sooo happy for sitting this Adobe Dreamweaver certification (Adobe Certification Expert) this time
because I made it with flying color
100% correct..
and the bestest thing was i made in within 1 minute and several seconds nervously!
means that I beat up my dearest competitor's record..
yeah..he also got 100% correct but left a couple of second to me..

so, because of that,  we both will go again to exam center to guide  another colleagues that will take the ACE exam tomorrow..
it's fine to me as i don't have any work to do on work station..hoho..
so..tomorrow again,
 I can drink cappucino for free againnn on that place..
hahaha~~~ ;DDDDDD

 oh..okey..this is not today picture..but it was taken during photoshop cert exam last 2 weeks..
but just because i want my face show up for this post..i put this pic here..
(nobody cares right~)

 we studying until the last moment, drinking multiple kind of coffees here..chatting..supporting each other.. and not left TROLLING..heh!
 pok su n da very happening boy-friends i ever had.. with them, of course u need just let they trolling you..or..just HAHAHA..hahaha..
ewan-our handsomest friend on Creative Design Track with satisfied face after got 100%correct on Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 :D

 my dearest competitor is showing off his Adobe Dreamweaver CS4..okei..i need to admit u are shifu of Adobe ;P
(His drawing more attractive to me than his result...haha~)

 mazni's drawing special to Lan and Hisham for supporting us !

so..the end of the story today..
i will sleep tight with big smile on the face..

special thx to Sir Eswaran for your care during the training and exam I always mention are the bestest sir in the world :)

Aki, Mazni, Mira, Ewan, Muiz,Pok Su, Peoi, Najib n Shamsul
- we do a great job today..:)

Xie, Sa'ie, Qaja, Joe,Zaef,Miza
-all the best guys.. 


still donno should or shouldn't re-take for photoshop cert exam or not~..hmm~~

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