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Sunday, August 26, 2012

The members of The Bujang Belaka~

.: Bismillahirahmanirahim:.

well.. have I had mentioned earlier that I actually have 16 siblings with 7 in-laws..?? kidding and no doubt..
I know it was tooo rare to have many siblings with single dad and single mom..right..??;)
but for my family..
we are always so grateful and happy for what we have..
and do you know
 we- siblings sometimes act like close friends..
and sometimes we fight among ourselves..
 that is fact..haha..
so, the rest of course single-mingle and available.. :)
 including me maybe..hehe
and as you know, not all my single siblings are staying with my parents..
four of us are somewhere around country and the rest at home..
for this moment of course staying at hometown..
 house is heaven,u know ;D..
As everyone is already grow up and have their own professions..
so we can't always playing around, joking,trolling yesterday everyday..
Hari Raya gathered us ;)
it may complicated if i just mentioned this person..this person without seeing their faces..
today..i will reveal their face..kui3..
so..allow me to introduce them one by one okey ;)
I gonna start with the older sibling okei ;)

my 8th bro..yess..most handsome guy ever..hoho.. Abe yie
my 9th bro..ustaz looks like..yess he he is studying somewhere at Kedah..Insaniah if i not mistaken ..huhu :P..abe miey

my 10th bro.. so slim right?? because this is his older picture..if u saw him now.. u will notice this fatty body..haha..abe E

my 11th bro..this is our MA (medical Assistant)..he work somewhere at Penang..tooo many secret admirer since pimary school..hoho..abe Ne

hehe..this is who??guest laaa~~..yeeppp...this is me back 2 years ago..hoho..and i'm 12th..
she is 13th sis.. now stadying at Uitm what course??..i don't know..kekeke..Tikah
my only younger brother..he is 14th bro.. Hafizzz-to-be...bang Bil

my 15th sis.. studying at UIA Gombak in Law..Wana
lassttttttt...OUR MAKNAE (youngest)..she is 16th.. Kim..she is studying at Maahad Muhammadi Perempuan..SPM freak year~
and because..
we four always stick together where ever we go..
so..we perform another sub-group so-called
Atah Loteng Muannas Studio..


 So, if one us us happened to-get-married...
he or she will automatically kicked from this group...
just like thisss...

disebabkan tuan hamba telah melanggar
undang2 yg dikuatkuasakan
oleh lembaga lembaga pengarah

atau diringkas menjadi BB dan SM,
maka dgn ini tuan hamba
dilucutkan jawatan sbgai anggota kami!
sekian terima kaseyy~

p/s ; dgn ini nik khairi menjawat jawatan sebagai ahli plg tua. ;D

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