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Sunday, September 23, 2012


.: In the name of Allah, The Most Gracious and  The Most Merciful :.

Today I would like to share with you about song..
it's little is YELLOW by Coldplay..
something I LOVE most.. 
and for me..the song quite good to hear tough..
FYI.. I don't know what Coldplay group is.. 
this is first time I listen to them..
but this song and lyrics is really having deep meaning..
yess..try to listen guys..

so, I try to search what is the secret meaning for this song..
after searching on google for a minute.. I found it on lyric song site..
 I think I get the idea even..
for the first it said there is no specific meaning for the word "yellow" itself..
 but i read again..and again comments from their fans..saying actually that song was dedicated to mother one of the member group who had liver cancer (that why it almost say you were all yellow)..
so..I get it..
good son tough of you Coldplay..
 really feel the song :)


 but for me, I enjoy listen to this song coz it all talked about YELLOW.. 
I LOVE YELLOW tooo much.. 
since I was little until now..hehehe..
I have too much yellow stuffs..
I decorate my room to yellow..
I always wearing yellow clothes.. 
my bear-bear is yellow.. I love yellow rose instead of red..
I LOVE  YELLOW the most!
and I also used to have G6PD- (Glokosa 6 Fosfat Dehidrogenase) ( it is a name of disease actually) when I was a little. 
That G6PD actually not allowed its patient to like yellow u know *smirk*..
 or it will made your body suffer...
uhmm.. I don't know how suffer it is since that time I was young.. maybe something like SRK in my name is Khan..MAYBE~
the thing I just remember was..I always go to hospital for regular check up and not allow to eat some beans..and need to aware to several types of medicines ... can google urself if you really want to know what G6PD is..
OK *smile*..

what ever.. as long as I am happy with own my world..

my yellow stuffs.. from pillow to clock.. to facial stuff (long time ago..already say goodbye to gurnier light..haha)..machanical pencil..and everything :DDD

my favourite jala emas..only in kelantan..ngengenge

my new buddy on bed.. present for my 24th birthday.. hai mr. yellow.. next belong to cik yang, my bestfiend...

once upon a time in hostel floor 2 or 3 years hobby is jotting on floor..kekekeke

my study table at hostel.. my inspiration picture of Lee Dong hae on the company when I am doing my assignments that time..haha...hai hae oppa..

Digi model...kekeke..jgn perasan boleh tak :P

my bedroom..maybe long time ago since I changed some placement of furniture there..


  1. nk dngr gak lgu tu tp line slow tahap cipan, xleh nk bt pape la.. huhu
    tp from ur explaination, mcm sedih la plak..T____T
    Ada x penah oyat psal G6PD pn?? new thing i know bout u now.. hehe
    comel la pulak ble ade warna tema ni.. kwn2 rmai yg ade warna tema, n no doubt they were look so cute.. (their bedroom especially)
    nk ade warna tema gak la.. blh x?? ^_^
    aip!! jala emas kt ganu pn ade!! :P
    ermmm.. jotting on d floor.. penah bt gak n fyi, time kt ums dlu gak!! hahaha
    patutla rajin stadi ye?? tengok la peneman setia dia asyik glare kt dia je.. miahahaha
    kata minat kuning~~ (sila tukar dr celcom to digi!!) :P
    langsir kuning mmg xleh bgun lewat la.. nti silau.. ye x?? hehe

    i'm one of ur permanent blog follower skrg.. ngeh3 <3<3<3

  2. yeaa...kak nisah..tima kaceh2 jadi my blog follower..kene gi blanje make nih...hehehe.. lagu tu tahu lah tetiba rase nok dgr..teringat ado male tu dale keto nick dio pase..huhu..cedey kot lagu tu lps tahu dia tuju ko ore hak dia menderita akibat cancer..
    err..pasal g6pd tu..erk..hehe..x teruk mano pun kot Ada kena..lgpun maso kecik..doktor oyak x negative doh klu besar2 still x brani nak make kacang parang tu.. ko kak nisah suka warne pink ko...keep loving it..rasa cam something klu kita sayang benda hak kita bleh sayang ni..hehe..
    hobi tu nyoteng lantai..tapi lps tu sapu mulla...hehe..
    err..dulu ado guna dg biasa la..saye mane bulih pkai no phone setialah kpd celcom..kekeke..
    oppa saya yang tersayang tuuuuuu...hehehehe..
    huhu..ore bgn awal laaaaaa~~~ :DDDDD
    follow me bebeh :)


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