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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Blended mood

.: In the name of Allah  The Most Gracious and The Most Beneficent :.

I donno what my mood right now..
everything blend together technically..
why not..
today is first time in-a-relationship with internet in new house after 2 weeks I'm living here..hehe..just bought new broadband yesterday..P1 I had terminate it when I was at kelantan as no coverage at my place..lalala.... I just realize that my life is more meaningful if internet connection is around even though I'm not going it on purpose.. it just something that I need nowadays...haha (and I know I will less bored, but.. waste my time in front of this lappy soon)~..

So, I'm back :)
updating my blog even I know nobody cares if I didn't updated it.. but course..coz..since I'm this old.. I am no more interested writing on my so called dairy..hmm.. just because, I got no more "dear dairy, today I saw my crush..bla bla..bla..".. 
that age was already end..haha..

ok..I'm just saying my mood is mixing just now right.....even you don't want to know why..I will just say it..~~~
lalala..who cares..haha..

I'm tired..
my eyes really legs too..
 but I can't sleep/ rest anymore after subuh prayer even I want (sometimes, it hard to change our biological body schedule right)..T.T

yesterday, I was going to meet a friend (identiti dirahsiakan sbb beliau seorang yang pemalu~)..he is a good friend of mine when we was at uni a year ago.. so..since he came to KL working here.. we met.. haha.. listening to his story is my part time job I guess..haha.. was nice to see him in no longer thick like playwood..haha..
I really don't know where should I bought him since I am not familiar with KL too..
Times Square was the first place I came with Atie and Kak Nisah 10 months back when I start working at KL..
So, that just only place I can drag him..haha....
so..we just went around every where and talk3..haha..
 I appreciate his afford searching for prayer schedule at internet before coming here..
so, he will automatic knew when he should let me go for zuhur prayer..;) 
Sometimes you re so sweet...kekeke..  
after meeting him at Times 4 something..
 I go to Kelana Jaya met kak Nisah,Incik Nick, Mashi and CT at OU.. so I and him say goodbye to each other at Dang Wangi stesen..
 till we meet again in another time :)

yess... again.. I expend my step to go Kelana Jaya for the first time..
ALONE..taking train..
woho!..feel so proud of myself..kekeke..
 but from KJ to OU..I lost RM10 paid for taxi =.="

It was a quite long time I didn't hang-out with them after going back to Kelantan that day..
I'm missing that moment too much.. 
Window shopping for stuffs..explore the width and height of shopping complex.. trying food at some restaurant when we start hungry.. 
and not left praying when Allah's calling us :)  
that's what I love when going out with them.. 
actually we got plan something about going makan2 at..err..forget that restaurant already =.=" but because Nick had another planning with his another 'Lepaking' gang..
so we (me, kak nisah, mashi and CT) and nick separate going to our next destination.. is time to girl's rulezzz.. 
so.. we went to uptown Danai Kota as Mashi want to buy robe there..
the robe was MIA.. 
we round that uptown until I think I wanna borrow other leg to walk..haha.. 
but...Mashi in depressing not buying anything but in contrast.. 
we, kak nisah and me.. with unplanning idea.. just bought long skirts..haha.. 
I arrived home quite late but safe..alhamdulillah :) 
thanks to CT, our F1 driver for that..haha..

aand today.. my mood actually in working mode as I need to finish some unfinished work..but because of technical problem..I don't think I can do it by today..
aarghh..jem jem.. I
 hate being dragged by this unclear-unsettle work..
but it one of my right now work..
so..u cirit or die.. 
i need to finish it or I'll be finished by bos soon...
huhu.. T.T

and again..
 because of this broadband..
I get to know that THW is champion for Piala MAlaysia 2012..  
 I feel ssoooooo great for THE RED WARRIORS :DDDDD...
yesss..entire world spreading that they did a good job last night and be a CHAMPION for Piala Malaysia 2012 beat ATM 3-2.. ..haha..
I know they are very talented football players actually...
and all people acknowledge it too..even me who not-really-football-fan..ngee.. 
I feel so excited when ever I saw TRW's fans celebrating the victory.. they are so creative!
 I feel so good born as kelantanese..
 If I were one of THW member, I will be touched with their supports..
 and I think it is one of the reason why football in malaysia increase day by day..
it is because of fans support.. :)

and again..

when I saw basket that was full of unwashed clothes... 
I feel likee....Argghhh back..huhu..
That was a fate being me~~~..

who wanna buy me a new washing machine.. 
that one is semi auto that I donno how to use 
I rather wash my clothes by hand than use it..but..
when it become like mountain.. ottokeyo???~


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