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Sunday, December 9, 2012

"The Quotes"

.: Bismillahirahmanirrahim:.

Allah, don't let me alone.. Ameen..

al least I try..

lemme be selfish about this coz I deserve to be happy too..

and.. I don't know!

enjoy, rise fall and wake up again .. Just do it!

becoz it is easy way to show that I also have heart.

and at last i'm the one who fall alone..~

it's really 30th February.. never exist!

I hate apologize to impress you anymore.. i'm quit.

Thanks Allah for let me through this stormy weather.. So I can figure how life is about.

i'm preparing

Problem, bro?

Don't lose hope to Allah, Always remember that

Allah, lindungilah aku dari kejahatan dunia ini.

It was.. a long time ago.. was gone..forever.

Thanks for remind me, Pariyappa.. :D

I do Believe..

expect for little, so you won't hurt too much.

where should I?


Mine take time.. maybe he stuck anywhere..

ur self- respect

i'm not waiting for  the perfect man.. mine just doesn't show yet!

my biggest stupid mistake is believe that you also feel the same feeling.

I miss my family so bad..

Thank you Allah for all I have..

you lied to me.

I won't let you be the reasons anymore.

O Allah, let me so lost in you...

I had my plan, but Allah's plan is the best!

aku lelah sendiri dan tidak bercadang untuk mengejarnya lagi..

I do believe once..

give me rent!

please don't wait, but searching~

You are not even here, where are you..

Don't forget..

Serious taker only..

I want to be with you.. but in halal way..


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