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Monday, March 25, 2013

Crochet Time- Cover Bag for Galaxy Tab



Everybody home??.. I'm at excited state just now..haha.. guess what.. haha.. I finish doing cloth for new gadget- Galaxy Tab- ..yeahh...

Just being stingy and cannot find suitable cover for my tab yet, I suddenly come out with idea to make tab cover by myself..yeah.. DIY is just cheapest price when we effort to do it by ourselves.

Half way to finish..

Just taking 1 day to finish it..I combine two colours: yellow + cream as my favourite is yelowwww.. :)..It was not to hard to crochet this patten..if you know the basic crochet..I guarantee that you can finish it without getting too much trouble..and at come out with really awesomeeeee looking..

Tadaaaaa :)

yeaaa..I got new cloth :)

The colours are quite blocking..I like it :D

Hmm.. Let me show you some others cover crochet pattern that I made before:

That all can I share for this moment..
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Let's be friend if we share the same hobby :)

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