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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Crochet Time: Fingerless Glove

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hehe.. I'm back.. addicted to blogging right now..nge..

Hmm.. since I love crocheting so much.. this time I want to show off some stuffs I made. hehe.. This time are fingerless gloves I made for fun.. hehe.. and some got profit too..hihihi..

 I took 4 hours to finish both side (right and left)  if I make it continuously. It was a good experience when first time I made this stuff.
I learn the pattern at here, Crochet in Color.. If you interested in crocheting and wanna try the pattern..please visit here. I love her crafts ;)

She did a very cheerful fingerless gloves with easy pattern.

So..mine art work.. here they are...hihi

The reason I learn this pattern because of...a request from my friend... I made this as his birthday gift..  This is my second attempt  I made that fingerless glove after reading and studying the pattern from Liz, the pattern owner.

My friend from MPSJ, Aziati also request me to make her fingerless glove after she . I combine Pink + Blue as her favourite color.

This is request from madiha, my niece. The fingerless gloves are longer that original since she requests me to make it longer.

This is for Ila. My PJ mate when I was studying at UMS, Sabah.            

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