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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Once a boy..always a boy ;p

.: Assalamualaikum:.

I was in the middle of washing glasses and cups after having breakfast in this morning. Yeah, alone because my sisters and mom were busy with their society programs and class. It didn't bother me at all since I  used to get it all the time.

One of my brother came into the kitchen for having breakfast when I was in a middle arrange the stuffs on the racks. I don't  really give him attention because I know it was everyday routine for him to come into the kitchen late.

While I was busy doing my job, suddenly my eyes saw coffee dust was every where between the sink and dustbin and not left..on floor.

"What the...? ". My heart heated and without any second, my tongue thrown some words. "How come you mess around the sink? I am not your maid to  blablabla..." and the argument between me and him was started!

Yes..we always having argument. I think every siblings did this kind of activity..haha.. It doesn't matter what types of argument but we always did...sometime it can be a good argument..but sometimes also can be useless one..but for this morning, I am sure we argued  for something not benefit  at all.

"...if you are not here..someone else will do the errands too. " he said.

He thrown some words that I felt so resentful..

"It's ok dear since you already said something like that..then I will let you to prove either you afford to do the house chores as good as i did.." I  said to him and left undone work to him to let him proved me either he can do that or verse versa because I am pretty sure that he will never do it..

as forever??

So I just left him at kitchen and went to upstair continued my crochet project in my room. After half an hour, I went down to kitchen to check some progress (if he happened to do it).. But.. Yess.. Once a boy..always a boy... Hahaha

Just like what I thought..nothing was done except for his coffee cups because I didn't see it in the sink..but the don't think he will allow his soft hands to touch the kain buruk to settle everything at kitchen.

So..this is the morning story of the day.
You.mad.bro.?.sorry.saranghae <3

So..when i went down to check some progress..he was not at kitchen anymore..but left the kitchen just like same as before..even didn't switch off the lamp..aigoo.. -.-"

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