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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Nisa' Circle

.: Assalamualaikum :.

Yesterday, I participated in an event that was organized by Nisa' Kelantan together with my sisters. The activity was called as Nisa' circle. It was held at Taman Perbendaharaan Tengku Anis as a recreation garden for kelantaneses to play at. The event was opened to every woman and it is FREEE.. :D

Nisa' is a Non Profit Organization (NGO). Nisa' is actually come from word Nisa' (نساء ) which means Women. Nisa' abjective is to create a generation glorifying religion, love in seeking knowledge and good in moral. Nisa' connect  all the women youth around Malaysia with activities either indoor activities or outdoor activities.   I do not really sure when it officially exist in Malaysia but I knew that Nisa' once organised Nisa' Sport at Kelantan at 2005.  As in Kelantan, Nisa' Kelantan is conducted by a group of women volunteers.

One of the regular activity that Nisa' Kelantan does is Nisa' Circle and this is first time I participate in this activity.

and.. amazingly... It was so interesting event though.

Beside taaruf time and a bit usrah activity, we also did play a giant snake and ladder games..  

Because this is my first time join the Nisa' Circle, I was a bit shy and blur about what's going on when arrived there.. but the girls who join the event were friendly and I start to make  friend with them..

good.. I feel excited!

when we arrived, the event is already started about 30 minutes ago.. hiks..
me and my adik..

i don't have idea what should i decorate my name marker
the usrah was nicely conducted kak yana as our naqibah.. and for the game was conducted by Oppo Sister(okei.. i forget her name already ==")
after usrah session.. we gonna play thisss.. yeahh..
I give up to continue playing after round 5, but not my younger sister.. she played...until become the winner.. haha..

After playing game, a small feast was prepared for us..
 really delicious after tired playing the game!

I hope can participate in this kind of event again.. I really enjoy this event , relaxed but at the same time give me much more knowledge especially in religious issue.. :D

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