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Monday, April 6, 2015


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Hi.. Korang penah bace tak citer budak-budak 'Little Red Riding Hood' ?? aku rasa penah baca cite dia masa zaman sekolah rendah dulu.. maklum la mase sekolah rendah me was a librarian you..kekeke.. time tu kan membaca budaya kitaaaa..

eerr..disebabkan ni posting pasal crochet, aku perlu write it in english.. senang untuk reference semua pembaca.. kan.. so tak boleh lah nak melalut sangat..kekekke

So, guys.. do u have heard about 'Little Red Riding Hood before this right??.. This post not about to tell that fairy story actually.. But.. this post is something related to that costume.. haha.. yes.. good guess.. I am going to talk/story about red riding hood crochet that was being requested by this sister, cik Nana.

She had asked me either I can make a blanket like red riding hood to her 9 months little baby.. I felt I want to try crochet something new like this so I accepted her request since she said it doesn't a matter how long I take to finish it. hee.. well.. I just felt I want to make it doesn't means I should be hurry since I also busy with my master degree, right.

this is the example of red riding hood crochet. don't you think it is really cute if you also had it one??..

So, I try to find any free crochet pattern for this red riding hood.. if there was free pattern, so it would be great because I can save my time to create my own pattern. So.. after search it on google, there was just a free pattern for only hood. But never mind, maybe I can do something by my own, my brain said..haha.. so, that hoodie crochet pattern I got from this site, CrafterChick. Thank you so much for your free pattern.. I really appreciate it!.. her pattern is easy to understand, so I can make my own hoodie at first attempt..

this is i get from CrochetChick.. the outcome of product. we go..start crochet the hoodie after understand the pattern..

Firstly, i drew  the the design of the overall cloth to be looked..

loong way to go..

So, after finish making hoodie, I continued crochet the cape. Cik Nana asked me to make it larger than actual baby size, so her baby can use it for long time, maybe until 5th birthday of the her :D. For cape, I just follow the crochet rules, where for increasing stitches, I do 2 double crochet for each hoodie stitch. I keep crochet 2DC for 5 rows, and it became wider. After that, just continue crochet with 1 DC for each rows until I reached the needed length of cape.

the hoodie that combine with the cape

actually the red riding hood can be finish in a week, but fortunately in my case, i took almost 3 weeks.

the body

 in the middle of crocheting, Cik Nana asked me either I can combine the red color of yarn with other color,of course it is not a big matter to combine, so she requested to combine with these colors, red,marron, and cream.. so..the pattern become like picture above.

Ja..Jaaang.. here is the final product..

 What do you think?? Please let me know..

Before I forget, FYI, I sused 4.5 mm of hook size and the material is NONA yarn. I used almost 5 rolls of the yarns. 3 rolls for red and 1 roll for red and 1 roll for cream.

For finishing edge, I make it curvy so, the final product turned really cute..

I got no baby to

Jongki oppa said he also want to have one.. kekekek

done with love :)

I posted it to Cik Nana,so this is really fresh from kitchen and 100 % handmade. DONE WITH LOVE!

and, she sent me her baby in red riding hood costume... happy :D

taken from my fanpage atas loteng
she was so happy with the product. she said again the red riding hood is same like what she was imagine.. doesn't it sound like we are sharing the same thought?? hehehe...

Happy me is happy when Cik Nana is satisfied with the red riding hoodand this is her little baby wearing the hood.. for this time it can be a blanket so I hope this little baby can grow up quickly...hihi


Good news for people lives in KOTA BHARU area..

If anyone interested to learn crochet, I can be your private teacher. I am available at Kota Bharu on sem break after hari raya Aidilfitri. So, anyone interested, can PM me on FB, fanpage Atas Loteng 100% Handmade Crochet, this blog or email at for booking date. Fee is only Rm80 (tools included).

What I can promise for the class :

1. I can teach you from zero to hero (3 hours needed for first session- learn basic crochet)
2. Tools ( basic crochet tools for beginner)
3. 3 person per session.

 Early bird registration can get discount. No finalize yet.. so.. depends on me ..heee

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