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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

It's already end of year!



Hee..Long time no write, here again I am..

Almost 4 months  I left my scramble blog without entry. I am sorry for that. I was quite busy then.

As I left my blog alone I was actually did something. Yuhuu.. I finally got myself attached with sewing class. This was one of my this year resolution I tell you. I am looking forward for the class every day and during this time, I successfully made 2 clothes which was Baju Kemeja & Skirt.

It was a good starting as for amateur like me. I start the class on September 2017. The place known as PPWK Dun Chempaka. Actually it's belongs to Unit Pembangunan Wanita Kelantan (UPWK). What is bestest there? Of coz the teacher of PPWK Dun Chempaka, cikgu Sheda is a talented and experience teacher to conduct the class. So I feel lucky!

The duration of the class is longer. It takes almost 1 years to finish the modules. There are 6 modules all together and I have finished 2 modules. During this time I met new friends which I think they are very helpful and kind people. Lucky me again.

Hopefully everything will be smooth and I can finish studies well. I plan to be a good tailor soon. InsyaAllah, amin. Let's support me guys since this is my biggest decision I ever made. I don't want to make a U-turn anymore. I am gonna go straight..

So, for this year resolutions, I think I almost fulfill. Let's check it out here

1. Masuk Kelas Bahasa Korea as untuk boleh improve lagi bahasa Korea aku yang tak seberapa ni. At least 2 ways communication lagi better dari one way communication. So, aku rasa better study Bahasa Korea ni dengan sonsaengnim.

Alhamdulillah. This one I really wanna to thank Allah for the opportunity I had. Until now I can't believe it I enrolled to  Korean Class and had 2 ways communication with seong saeng nim which I had the story here before.

2.Habis bayar PTPTN tahun ni. InsyaAllah. Means aku kena banyaaak berjimat dan cermat dan kena cari side income yang lain untuk tampung kehidupan agar lebih stable. Tahun ni masuk tahun baru, komitmen kewangan makin bertambah le.

This one also I made it!. Using my KWSP half and money gift from mom, I no more PTPTN Debtor. I really thankful to Allah for this chance. My mom I love you. Even at the moment I had several misunderstanding with PTPTN but I managed to settle it. Alhamdullillah.

3. LASIK/LASEK. Hope dapat buat LASIK/LASEK tahun ni. Kalau ade orang nak sponsor lagilah aku seronok..kekeke

This one will be new year resolution again.. haha. since I use more more to deal with 2017 I delayed this wishes. Hope I can earn more money in 2018 so I no need to wear glasses anymore.Amin

4.EARN MORE MONEY. Atas sebab-sebab di atas. Dengar cite pendapatan buat UBER atau GRABCAR lumayan. Ade sesape nak share tak? ngeeeee

Surely I earn more money beside salary by becoming a dropship for Dianz Vitamin (I will talk about this later) after satisfied with the product (Vitamin C&E). But now I can't even call it as side income anymore coz I left my job and start sewing class. BTW I already become an agent for my place. Sound good right?   Nope I didn't do UBER or GRABCAR since I love Areumdaun Betsy so much. I can't afford to see my Betsy in pain condition ok

5. Get a one job/task/talent yang aku boleh train untuk jadi expert untuk jadikan sebagai career. Contoh yang mudah, Jadi Fashion Designer. Amik kursus jahitan, commit and then buat benda tu as career. Coz, I just realise me is someone who love doing what ever I feel good.  Mudah skit nak ke mana ke mari .Kmacam sekarang ni, coz kite keja dengan orang, aku jadi terbatas nak buat benda aku rasa nak buat. Misalnya, dengan keadaan sekarang ni, mane dah aku ade peluang nak buat sukarelawan banjir. aku suka bab-bab tolong orang banjir nih! huhu

 And for the last resolution, I made myself enrolled to sewing class where I really want to do this so bad!I no more interested to work under people. I want to work for myself. Be Fashion Designer is not late I think!

Out of 5, only 1 I not fulfill. For me it quite good even there were some changes in my life happen. I can push fate but I will always pray that everything happen to me is a signal that Allah's bless.


**no pic for this post..ngee

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