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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Matta Fair

.: In The Name of Allah, Most Gracious and most Merciful:.

gelang tangan yang harga 3 hengget
Okeiii..I was going to PWTC yesterday for MATTA fair after finish keep tidy my room..actually it was planned by my colleagues to go there. Hmm..
what is MATTA fair is actually?..err..
me also not sure about the full name of this fair because this is my first time going there where it was held once a year..
but through my experience going there, MATTA fair is something fair that related to travel agency where they offer people travel package either local or international in lower price* related to terms and rules*~..
like PC fair, beauty fair and maybe fair n lovely~..haha..
me kidding only the fair and lovely part..HAHA~

so..i went together with my Lepaking Gangs, Nick-Dee-Mierul-Muiz-Qaja-Yen.
There are so crowded with much people until I need to hold my friends bag to not be lost anywhere..
 our mission going there just want to get more information trip to either Singapore or Bandung for out next trip..hoho..

To be in there was a very good experience though coz i just know there were so many travel agencies that offered different price for same we can chose which trip do you want either want to join luxury one or cikai2 want...To be in there just make me feel want to be a my lecturer, cik yat did someday..insyaAllah..:)

hope i can be backpacker in another 2 i just start working..
need to think intelligently where should i invest my salary for this time..I have PTPTN to handle..have to keep it for my future..
need to spent it for the things I love and so on..haha..
my salary is not high to spend ridiculously...

so..we decide to go singapore for our next trip..i hope it will be reality as i never go to singapore yet...hoho...yeeaaa..

us at matta fair..

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