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Saturday, March 17, 2012

tiresome week~


I LOVE weekends..
hope I have time for myself in these weekends..
yea..i'm busy with all work stuffs...
pity me in this week actually..
i have no enough rest for this week..this week really killing me..
why not..
with no enough sleep coz I was going back to hometown last weekends..
before that, I was fully involved with training classes for flash, css, javascript and dreamweaver for that week..
playing with fully heart at hometown as reward to myself before going back again to KL..
8 hours in express mutiara..
spend 2 hours talking with a pakcik on the bus about football to me =="..
me no talking to much just said yess..yess....
but the pakcik really talk-talk-talk made me not strong enough to say.."pakcik..sila berhenti cakap~~"..
just listened to him until I slept..
Arrived KL putra station at 6 am and after subuh prayer I ride trains from putra station to sentul timur and after that took teksi and arrived home!..
I was no mood to sleep back even I really was sleepy because  thought if I slept, I maybe late for work..
but that tiredness not bothering me enough, coz inside I felt happy coz everything was going as planned...
but the most thing make me sick was the guy who I-think-he-is-my-close-colleague  was touching with me just because a little mistake (according to him..but still I can't feel it was a mistake..em joking okeiii?).. 
and it was made my days really annoying!..

with no enough sleep, with so many tasks need to be done on time..
and with his attitudes..
I really feel ssssssoooo much!..
actually I was saying sorry to him on that time and correct the mischief that I had done to him before but..
he just ignore it!..
really..reallly...really ignore my apologize!
how childish!..
 I even send him a message but he did'nt reply me..
3 days we not talking..
not make any direct contact as usual even our workspaces are so close..

I never ever met this kind of guy on this world yet with super over hyper sensitive..he is first!..
but thinking of we just have only 3 month left, I feel so worse to just let this thing hanging.. 
thanks to keropok that I took from hometown for him as a bridge of our friendship..
if not..
 we maybe continue with our silence (don't want to talk to each other)..
so no point to be hopeless just like that..

so..hope we can be close like before..
but maybe in other time..
I will no disturb his stuff anymore~~~~
therefore, I will no tired and sick just because this kind of matter and most important 
I can sleep well..
that's is the point..HAHA..

Weekend..nice to see you this week :DDD

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