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Saturday, July 7, 2012

i'm sorry, friend!

.: In the name of Allah The Most Gracious and Most Beneficent:.

 A girl proposed to a boy, he rejected. She was not sad. His friends asked her, Why she didn't feel sad?
Girl: why should i be sad? I have lost someone who didn't love me, But he's lost someone who loved him.

Dear my so-called most closest friend,
Sorry for the complicated thing I made last night
Maybe I just only the one who was selfish
or maybe me the one who can't handle any heart broken if I just let it happened again like before
live in insecure relationship that you called friendship!

you were too nice to me
too nice until I felt so confused about my own feeling towards you
why you drive me crazy like that?

I'm sorry friend
for the rush decision I made without using my brain
all I made was guided by own heart beats
maybe I was too afraid losing you in other time
just like before.
I know
it was hard for you to accept it
but it was harder for me too!

but friend,
i will never ever dare to erase
all the memories that we created together in these months
it was our good time that we share together 
that will make me always remember
I once had you in my life.

I'm sorry friend,
in these time
I didn't accept any boy as my so-called close best friend
coz I don't want to..
and I prefer to have no one
coz I want to make it special for the 
guy who will be mine soon.

sound childish right??
yes..that is me..
I hate to fake this feeling
that why I want to tell you the truth..
sorry again..
till we meet again soon in more blessing way!

" Janganlah kau mainkan hati ini, jika hanya untuk mengisi kebosananmu..
 kerana aku tidak pernah sekalipun mempermainkannya..samada hatimu atau hati lain.."

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