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Saturday, October 6, 2012

That person

.: Bismillahirahmanirahim :.

    I do miss somebody.. missing so bad..somebody that give me a color to my life during my struggling time when I was at matriculation Kolej Mara Kulim several years back..

    For me.. that person brings a lot happiness to me when I lost a trust in friendship with other person.. we were not so close at first even that person was my cube mate.. I really appreciate that person to be with me when I was too weak handling my schedule being a person, a student..a dorm caption..a assistant monitor, a assistant of sport club ect..It was so hard because during school time, I never involved with that kind of stuffs..but to be with her..listen to my mumbling, my crying was the best part of life.. and everyone in the dorm knew how close we were..

     Every day.. I spent a lot of time with that person even our class were different.. but lucky we were at same course.. science physical. When outing time, we always going to pekan Baling or Bukit Mertajam together..always make any plan together.. yes..of course, besides me.. that person had another bestfriend from her class.. and I don't really mind about that coz I know I was not the one who close to her first and, it was her choice to be friend with anyone.. but me.. yes.. I maybe had another friends.. but.. not too close as I got close to her.. yes.. I'm kinda person who not going to get close with anyone when I already had mine one.. ( I think cik yang knows how I'm exactly )

    Too much story we shared together, not left fighting for small thing.. and it really was a stupid reason why we fight until 2 days we didn't speak to ourselves.. and it was a big problem to me..everything i did, nothing was correct.. until one night I can't hold it anymore and face her.. we apologized and after that we close like always..

    For me, that person is really clever and smart one. For mathematics or physics, she can score with good mark in every exam she took, but for me.. if I study well, I got a well.. but if keep busy with stuff..sorry to say.. I can't make it well..

   But, after we went to different university, me went to UMS and that person to UM, we became stranger to each other.. or maybe my mistake.. always ignore a call from her since my phone that time really had problem.. and me always forgot to call her back..

  I always think the way to get close back to her.. or if can't get close too tight.. at least still keep in touch.. I know she loveeee korean stuff like me.. and I try to use it as starting to keep in touch to her..  but.. effortless.. nothing happen.. and this make me so sad.. I feel like I really lose her.. when she ignore me on facebook.. sobsobsob..maybe she really forget me..I really sad as I can't explain how the feeling was..

Ainnn... I really miss you..the old of you.. and I'm really sorry if I ever break your heart..
sob sob..sob..

Ain, achik,mila, ina, syaza and along

The Pirate Of Tawakkal.. miss you all..

lady boses.. during annual dinner KMK..

and.. after looking to the pics above.. I think I really miss all of them.. Ain of course the most I miss right now.. May Allah bless us and meet us once again..

Ada, ur ex cubemates

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