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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Crochet time: Mermaid Costume for Newborn Baby

.: Assalamualaikum :.

had I mentioned before I successfully crochet a mermaid costume for my new born baby girl which is my niece?.. yea.. I had talk about it here .. excuse me for the brutal title that I put for that entry ..hihi..

lovely baby, right..she is my 29th niece..ngee...

Since I got at least 4 newborn babies this year (hey.. don't misunderstood there..haha..these are my sisters-in-law..not mine..yet!).. 2 baby girls and 2 baby boys ( one of the baby boys was passing away in my sister-in-law's womb several days before due date. so sorry to my brother and sister in law. May Ali Karimi always in Allah's care)..  I want to make for the last baby girl something different and surprise..

that's why I choose to make the mermaid costume.

I took almost three days to finish the mermaid costume including the top and head band. It was my first time making that.I took the pattern on internet which I need to travel from blog to blog to get the pattern..haha.. So.. finally I found it on this blog Wichercraft: Mermaid costume pattern..

however, I change her pattern to suit my counting. Her pattern quiet confusing me because hard to understand her pattern formula i even made twice for mermaid tail.. but to tell you, I really love the idea how she made the fins.. thank you for that Ms Courtney Wiche..I really appreciate it :D

So.. I started make it on the day we went back to hometown on my brother's car. Going back from Penang to kelantan took at least 6 hours.. i started with tail first because I also has no patience to look how it will be.. haha.. actually I did not finish crochet mermaid tail on the car because I prefer to sleep and sing for looong journey.. hahaha..

yeahh.. done with love..

We reached our home sweet home  at night. So I continued my crochet the day after. This year, I kinda not really busy with house chores so, I took that opportunity to stay in my room.. on my bed while crocheting.. until I finish all the stuffs which were mermaid tail, top and headband :D

final products.. what do you think? tell me...

 yeah.. just after finish, I went to my sister-in-law's house which is nearer to my house to show her what I made for her girl..yea.. she was so surprise.. and quickly wear it to Khaleela, my niece's name..Thank god.. It really suit her..

she just only a month this time..
 super sexy one with the top on the body.. hehehe.. nevermind because she just a baby..haha

sleep well my little mermaid ;D
woohooo.. princess mermaid in action..ariel maybe? ngee..

really.. really.. excited..

improve one step level..heee..

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