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Monday, March 16, 2015

Crochet time: Baby Booties, Baby Shoes and Sandals

.: Assalamualaikum:.

It has been a while I not talking about crochet right.. hee..  I am sorry.. yes.. I still doing that. and sometimes I felt I was being crazy with crochet activities..

and for the result.. I can produce moreeeeee crochet products which make me happier than ever. hoho

So this time, i'll show you some products that I have made nowadays..heee..


 This is my pattern sketch of baby booties. Yes.. before starting crochet, it is better for me to do some sketches, so I can get the picture of my baby booties. Actually the original pattern was taken from this site, Repeat Craft After Me, one of  my favourite crochet site. The owner of the site is really kind for sharing it. really. love. it!

However, I always change some part of the pattern to suit my crochet technical and tools (well you know, i just using NONA brand of yarn which  has a very small diameter compared to other overseas brand of yarns) (I just assume since, if I followed the instruction of pattern in net, my final product not exactly same like my masters' (almost) product, which make me felt so sad ).

that's why i need to sketch and write new pattern!

 tadaah.. this is what i got after keep crocheting with try and error session. This booties was requested by my friend, Nick.. He will be a father soon. hee.. good job Nick !

yeaaah.. I know you will love this sandal.. me too.. heee.. this is also a request from my old friend, Taufiq ( my primary school friend.. hoho).. 

Taufiq show me this picture and asked me either i can make it or not. Since he took the picture from internet, so I guessed the will be a pattern of this cute baby sandal..

and the answer is YESSSSS *big smile*..actually this pattern originally was taken from this site, Lovely Little Life, thank you so much for the idea of the design. it is really wonderful..

after I studied the pattern and design, I successfully make it a pair... however, i realize the final product is not really glued on my niece's foot.

and.. because of that, I studied again how should i do to make it good on baby's foot.. after several try and error..

yeah.. I did it...!

really happy :D

what to you think??tell me, please^^...

 this shoes, I use my own pattern.. sounds so cool.. I DID IT USING MY OWN PATTERN..hehehe.. i always dream to create my own crochet pattern actually..haha..

So this is baby girl shoes with big frothy flower. the ladybug on the flower is so cute right..hahaha..

 Now, the shoes belongs to my niece.

this sandals also using my own pattern.. 

yess.. this is what u should make before being a pair of sandals. after all are ready then assembly them as you wish..hahaha

 and.. for the last one.. this is latest shoes I made using my own pattern.. i really.really. like this shoes. The design is simply but nice.


then.. bye

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